The Mary Celeste

Nineteenth Century Representation of the Mary Celeste as depicted by an unknown artist.
In December 1872, the Mary Celeste was found adrift in the Atlantic, almost perfectly intact and sea-worthy, but with zero trace of her crew. This ship was set to sail for Genoa from New York and carried a cargo of alcohol, the captain's wife and daughter, and his crew. However, when discovered by the Dei Gratia, a passing British ship, the Mary Celeste was abandoned with her lifeboat missing, and the last log entry was found to have been made ten days prior to the discovery. The Mary Celeste remains a mystery: a vessel found in good condition yet abandoned without a trace of her crew. This site explores the various theories that have emerged over the years, delving into the theories and history surrounding Mary Celeste. We invite you to navigate this mystery from scientific explanations to supernatural speculations.

About the Creators

Ian Chang is a first-year student from Plano, Texas. He is hoping to double major in Biology and Statistics. Ian primarily worked on the “Discovery” section of the project. He additionally aided in creating the timelines.
Jack Hommeyer, from New York, is a Junior majoring in Political Science and International Relations and minoring in History. Jack primarily worked on the “Disappearance” section and helped explain the mapped journey of the Mary Celeste.
Henry Moshfeghi is a Junior History Major, Religion Minor, and is Pre Med. His place of origin is Stanford, California. Henry Primarily worked on the “History of the Ship Pre-Disaster” and the “Representations in Media” sections of the project. He also aided in the creations of citations and the formatting of the project as a whole.