Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes


To learn more about the history of Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes, view “History of the Ship“.

To learn more about the artifacts aboard and historical documents regarding the Mercedes, view “The Treasures of Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes“.

To learn more about the historical significance and modern impact of the shipwreck, view “Controversy Surrounding the Discovery“.

About the Authors

Moriah Reusch

Moriah is a first-year student from Farmington, ME. She is interested in Environmental Studies and Geology and focused on the historical context of the Mercedes.

Emaan Kaiser

Emaan is a first-year at Carleton College from Kent, Ohio. She intends to major in Cognitive Science with a minor in Neuroscience on the pre-med track. She focused on the collection & analysis of primary sources including historical documents and artifacts of the Mercedes.

Will Hassel

Will is a freshman at Carleton from Glenwood Springs, Colorado. He is looking to major in Mathematics and is focused on the controversy and historical impact surrounding the wreck of the Mercedes.