El Faro

We have chosen to focus on the sinking of the cargo vessel SS. El Faro. This ship sank at 7:56 AM on October 1, 2015. It originated in Jacksonville, Florida, and was bound for San Juan when it sank around the Bahamas. The El Faro was a cargo vessel owned by TOTE Maritime, a shipping company specializing in cargo transport around North America. The vessel has several outdated components at the beginning of the voyage, including a malfunctioning anemometer, improper cargo security, and outdated lifeboats. Throughout the journey, the captain referred to weather information that was hours old and did not reflect the imminent danger of Hurricane Joaquin. Due to this, the ship could not make drastic enough changes to its course, and they sailed into the hurricane. There was flooding in the cargo holds and oil pump issues that ultimately led to a loss of propulsion that caused the vessel to sink. This is a particularly interesting shipwreck to examine because it should have been absolutely avoidable since the accident is so recent.